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Just How Much is your Low Sales Productivity Costing You?

Some of this should be a no brainer. For instance, if you don’t work you can’t make any money! Likewise, the fewer productive sales conversations you have per day, the fewer sales you can make overall. Successful companies invest a lot of capital in sales development and outbound sales to find their solution to increasing… Read more »

Task Prioritization: Do you spend enough time selling?

Improper task prioritization hurts more salespeople than you might realize. According to Cirrus Insights, a majority of salespeople spend less than half of their time selling. In most of the cases, salespeople spend anywhere between 15% to 20% of their time selling. With salespeople responsible for dozens of other tasks besides sales, it usually ends… Read more »

Sales Success: Are you happy with your current number of (qualified) leads?

Thriving sales reps are mostly concerned about meeting their sales quotas. However, without following a proper protocol laid out by strategic planners in the company, a sales development rep might go astray and tend to end up considering every prospect a qualified lead. For beginners in this profession, everything feels and looks the same. To… Read more »

8 More Master Sales Tips and 11 Mistakes to Avoid!

We get it. You’ve been around the block a few times. You’re hot stuff. You’re the MVP on your sales team. But you want to do better. Master salesperson and perhaps one of sales’ biggest advocates for continual learning, Zig Ziglar, said, “Life is a classroom—only those who are willing to be lifelong learners will… Read more »

20 Sales Skills To Become A Sales Pro

Have you ever heard someone described as a “born salesman”? The phrase tends to conjure up images of Harold Hill from The Music Man—a smooth-talking salesman who hawks musical instruments to cynical Iowans despite not being able to play a note of music himself. Most salespeople aren’t Harold Hill. But the good news is that… Read more »

The Science Behind Setting Sales Goals That Boost Performance and Productivity

Every sales team in the world always has one crucial thing in common: setting successful sales goals. While every sales team sets goals; how those goals are manufactured and assigned to sales reps differs greatly. As tons of real life sales case studies show, this variation has an incredible impact on the sustained motivation, performance,… Read more »

12 Must Have Sales Skills

Polish Your Sales Skills for Maximum Performance You can put a hundred different selling techniques in your toolbox, but it still takes practice and attention to become skilled at sales.  Musicians, athletes, race car drivers—you name it—weren’t born with their skills, they mastered them with practice and hard work. To rise to the top, practice… Read more »

30 Ways To Boost Sales Motivation and Performance

You’ve noticed them too, haven’t you? Those reps whose can perform no matter what, whose sales motivation never falters… They’re at the top of almost every quarterly competition, and never seem to lack sales motivation and sink below their targets. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering “how do they do it?” There’s a… Read more »