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Why Online Sales Meetings Matter

People say there’s no substitute for eye contact and giving a firm handshake, but how do you replace these when prospects don’t want to meet anymore? For most SDRs and B2B salespeople, 88 percent of buyers just don’t want to meet face to face anymore! Going further up the chain, 65% of executives prefer digital… Read more »

Find Your Best Templates & Sales Content

Discover your top sales templates, you may be using them already! Everyone wants to use the killer email template: that one email with language that captures the most leads, and sales collateral that captures the most prospects. There’s no right language that works every time, you have to specifically cater to your prospect’s market, location,… Read more »

Qualify Prospects Better In 5 Steps

According to the 2011 CSO Insights, reps spend almost 25% of their time working to qualify prospects. This sounds like a huge waste of time, but it all pays off! The better you know your prospect, the better your ability to overcome objections, build rapport, and overcome resistance to buying. Basically, solid prospect research will… Read more »

5 Sales Pitch Tricks Research Shows Your Presentation Is Missing

Giving a sales pitch is what we call an art and a science. Although your salacious prose might woo a customer or two, psychology and research dictate the true tricks of the trade. Yes, it’s not as sexy as prancing around prospects’ emotions, but these science-tested sales pitch tricks are sure to get the job done. So,… Read more »

Start Thinking About Enterprise Sales & Raise Your Bar

Enterprise sales are considered to be a long and frustrating process. However, in order to survive, you need it badly. Enterprise users pay off well and usually stay for a longer period than a normal user. However, in order to get an enterprise deal closed, one must know rules of the game. Large companies and… Read more »

Remote Sales: The Power of Visual Support

The concept of remote sales is taking on field sales with rapid speed. From lifestyles to communications, everything is evolving and quickly adapting to the digital technology. In the same way, sales have become more virtual and remote, contrary to the previous face -to- face also known as outside sales. [Tweet “Make your marketing collateral… Read more »

Join the Sales Revolution!

At the 4th of July we’re celebrating how we became a free country in 1776. The revolutionaries of that time freed themselves from a system that sucked with a hard-fought battle. At Fileboard we feel like revolutionaries every day, working hard on revolutionizing the way companies do sales. Join us today, become a revolutionary and… Read more »

Selling Skills That Can Change Your Fortune!

Successful sales reps need to possess a set of selling skills that can differentiate them from others. These skills will not only result in satisfying the quota limit or the target sales for a short period of time but would consequently build better business relationships with your clients. The objective of a sales team would… Read more »

A complete guide to effective Marketing Collateral

What do sales teams need from marketing? Why do they value marketing? If you think that the answer is because marketing teams produce good leads, then you are wrong. For sure, good leads are one of the things that sales teams need from marketing, but marketers are responsible –among other things- for the creation of… Read more »