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How to Become a Great Sales Development Rep for Your Team

We’re living in the age of the “attention economy”, and attention is harder to capture than ever before. If sales used to be about knocking on doors and charming your way into a manager’s office, today it’s anything but. The business development landscape grows more complex. When you’re reaching out to an email address,… Read more »

Happy Independence Day from Fileboard!

Happy 4th to our American Fileboard users! We are proud to take part in honoring our nation’s birthday. As a gentle reminder, the Fileboard offices and support lines will be closed on Tuesday in observance of Independence Day. Along with our holiday celebrations, we wanted to take care of a number of announcements, and give… Read more »

Learning Engagement: How do your prospects reactions play into the sale?

For a while, we’ve talked about the importance of tracking your prospect’s engagement, and why an informed salesperson can cut their sales pipeline down. So what do you want to look for in the first place? What kind of prospect response other than a definitive “yes” or an “I’m interested” email back should you look… Read more »

Task Prioritization 2: Controlling Distractions

What do sales managers want? Quality results in a short period. There’s always the incentive to be the “yes man” and squeeze in that extra scheduled phone call or two during the day. However, without proper task prioritization and time management, things can go south in no time. Pretty soon, you’ll be balancing multiple clients… Read more »

Sales Process 101: Will I make my quota with my current leads?

In a successful sales process, meeting your quota depends upon the quality of your lead pipeline. If a sales rep thinks that he or she is born with some sort of a super natural gift that you can close deals without following a proper protocol, this is not going to happen. 5 critical steps for… Read more »

Task Prioritization: Do you spend enough time selling?

Improper task prioritization hurts more salespeople than you might realize. According to Cirrus Insights, a majority of salespeople spend less than half of their time selling. In most of the cases, salespeople spend anywhere between 15% to 20% of their time selling. With salespeople responsible for dozens of other tasks besides sales, it usually ends… Read more »

Sales Success Part II: Do you know how to qualify your leads?

Qualifying sales leads is a tricky business! New SDRs sometimes commit huge mistakes by qualifying the wrong leads. Sales pipelines are filled constantly but nothing valuable is generated. We have already discussed a few reasons that can make an SDR qualify the wrong leads. We will discuss the solutions step by step as per their importance. 4… Read more »

Talking to Buyers In Sales 2.0

Let’s face it, buyers just don’t want to talk to you anymore! Its time to take control of the sales 2.0 process, where your buyers do more self-education than ever before. You can set a consistent pipeline as long as you send the right message to your buyers. It’s the first month and the first… Read more »

Your 2017 Resolution: Become A Trusted Advisor to your Prospects

When it comes time to make big decisions, we don’t always leave every consideration up to ourselves. Take the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? as an example; contestants get 3 “lifelines” to confer with a friend or audience suggestion as to the correct trivia answers. We instinctively like to source as much information… Read more »

How Do I Find Decision Makers?

Begin With Cold Calling – Find Decision Makers! Using an Account based view makes you find decision makers in an easier way. In Fileboard, you can quickly run through an entire company, and call or email with the click of a button. This keeps you on track, so you’ll never lose your progress in an… Read more »