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Our Tree In The Salesforce Ecosystem

On Being Part of the Largest Global Sales Partner Program Today, the Fileboard team and I raise one to our partner Salesforce. We’re happy to be part of a community projected to add a stunning $389 Billion to global GDP over the next five years. Fileboard & Salesforce are transforming the world of Sales, and… Read more »

How To Set A Consistent Sales Process

The Secret to Multiplying Sales Sales representatives who’ve spent time in the sales trenches know that it’s often feast or famine. But that’s because sales leaders often focus on the wrong things when forming and training a sales team. By creating—and using—a consistent sales process, sales leaders can make sure that they’re enjoying success twelve… Read more »

The Science Behind Setting Sales Goals That Boost Performance and Productivity

Every sales team in the world always has one crucial thing in common: setting successful sales goals. While every sales team sets goals; how those goals are manufactured and assigned to sales reps differs greatly. As tons of real life sales case studies show, this variation has an incredible impact on the sustained motivation, performance,… Read more »

Sales Prospecting 101: How to Grow and Nurture Leads

Learn how to define and master Sales Prospecting. Sales prospecting includes compiling lists of contact information, building a social media presence, collecting opt-in emails, and sending out email campaigns to encourage responses. Basically, the idea of sales prospecting is to build a rich source of contacts for your sales team and processes. Then, depending on… Read more »

New to Sales Development? Data & Analytics are your new best friends.

Sales development is hot these days. To get with the program, you had better be tech savvy. Sales Devs don’t just find contact info for leads and follow up, full intelligent processes and systems have been developed to complement traditional pipeline management. This field represents a new frontier of study, with competing strategies to get… Read more »

Content Marketing Trends of 2015 That You Should Follow

Stock marketers believe in diversity. They believe in investing in different sectors to minimize the chances of financial loss. They take these decisions based on the market trends. It’s very important to follow the trends to grasp knowledge on the current market affairs. Companies churn out stats related to their performance which become a part… Read more »

Infographic on Sales Trends for 2015-16

Selling is usually more focused on the concerns of the buyer, rather than the seller. A successful sales model should accommodate the varying buying behaviors of the consumers rather than ignoring or resisting them. This is a shift for firms that relied on traditional assumptions regarding the buying behavior of the consumer. For over 100… Read more »

Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Timing your Approach!

Timing is a crucial factor having an impact on the overall sales performance of a firm. A firm cannot compromise on it. By doing so, it will only lead towards debacle. At every aspect of the modern sales funnel, timing is a key factor. From pitching to closing a deal, timing plays a significant role. Excellent timing can be… Read more »

An Overview of Sales Enablement Best Practices.

We’re often asked about sales enablement best practices and how to implement them in our daily life sales routine. Well, here it is. We have previously discussed what sales enablement actually means and why does it play a vital role in the sales climate of a company. Today we’ll be talking about the best practices… Read more »