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Opportunities that Sales Technology Brings In

There was a time when sales technology meant having a phone by your desk to cold call prospects and sell your product. Then came along the age of pagers to set up meetings and check in on your clients to know their needs, which lead to a more evolved technology of sales through e-mailing. It… Read more »

The Need for Sales Acceleration Technology

Sales Acceleration Technology becomes necessary to use when the sales reps want to sell both faster and more intelligently. It is a category of cloud based software that’s designed to facilitate and accelerate all processes pertinent to the sales pipeline. It is the bridge between CRM and marketing automation. The sales profession is in a… Read more »

Increasing Customer Contact Time leads to a better Sales Performance

Customer Contact Time is an essential part of the customer buying process which increases the chances of the customer buying the product. Imagine a person standing in a shopping store; if he is not attended by the sales rep for 5 minutes, chances are that he will leave the store. Similarly in the business world,… Read more »

Sales Leadership: Do’s & Don’ts for 2015

Sales leadership is a pre-requisite for every top sales professional’s success today. We still find many sales professionals who are hesitant to sell their products with confidence. The reason for this isn’t their lack of knowledge but their lack of leadership. They just can’t connect with the customer as efficiently as is necessary. And it instills the fear of… Read more »

5 Post Sales Funnel Tips for Customer Retention

Sales Funnel is the basic and widely used model to understand, improve, accelerate and grow your companies’ clientele base. However, this is never the end of story. Inside sales managers know the fact that it takes quite a lot of time & resources to hunt a lead, nurture it & take them on board. Once… Read more »

Key Performance Metrics To Grow Your Inside Sales

Gone are the days when performance metrics used to be limited to revenue per sales representative. Businesses today are calling for updated methods and performance metrics to grow significantly in short times. Performance metrics give you a good idea of your team’s current standing & highlight areas to improve Following the below mentioned tips would not only… Read more »

Sales Performance Indicators Are Your Answer to Growth!

Key sales performance indicators are the measures you need to monitor and work according to in order to grow your revenue base. Unfortunately, people don’t know much about the key performance indicators of sales in detail and end up hitting a wall. Things have changed quite rapidly in the domain of inside sales industry and… Read more »

So what is Fileboard for Salesforce?

  Fileboard for Salesforce integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce CRM, and there are no extra costs for that! Hasan AzharHasan considers Fileboard his second home and is working here as an inbound marketing expert. He has an academic background in traditional finance; however, his work experience from quite a long time revolves around startups, digital… Read more »

People Skills Are A Must For Sales Professionals

Most sales professionals believe that between people skills and management skills, there exists a thin line. However, this is not the reality. People skills are a different set of skills, which allow a person to fulfill his goals with the help of interpersonal interactions. A manager can still manage with little difficulty if his people… Read more »

Modern Sales Funnel Needs Efficient Prospecting & Process

Modernizing your sales funnel is a mainstream practice nowadays. However, understanding of the term modernization varies across industries and opinion leaders. In our meetups with a number of inside sales experts, we identified two different types of improvements that are critical to modernize and perfect your sales funnel for better results. Remember that both of… Read more »