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Sales Prospecting 101: How to Grow and Nurture Leads

Learn how to define and master Sales Prospecting. Sales prospecting includes compiling lists of contact information, building a social media presence, collecting opt-in emails, and sending out email campaigns to encourage responses. Basically, the idea of sales prospecting is to build a rich source of contacts for your sales team and processes. Then, depending on… Read more »

Do’s and Don’ts for Cold Calling Scripts

Cold calling is one of the most difficult tasks facing any salesperson. With a few tips and examples cold calling scripts, you can learn to excel at cold calling. If we had to boil down to just five tidbits of advice on cold calling, they would be: Don’t intrude ask for a few minutes of… Read more »

How to get better results with Inside Sales Teams

Inside sales is the practice ground for sales reps to test their sales abilities. It takes a lot to perform one of the most intimidating tasks in business, i.e. cold calling, and to turn it into a sales pipeline for the firm. As a sales rep, your job is to close the deal on a winning… Read more »

Cold Calling is dead!

Cold calling is a sales pitch call to someone out of the blue, with no referral, no information, no qualification, no relationship or rapport, no trust or credibility, it’s just cold. If that is how cold calling is supposed to be, then surely cold calling is dead. It’s time for warm calling, or as sales… Read more »

Cold Calling: How to Master the Art of Fruitful Conversation

Cold calling is a stage in the selling process which is feared by the most, but mastered by only a few. It’s completely normal to feel nervous and the harsh reality is that you are going to face a lot of “NO’s” but the key to success is persistence and a set of skills that… Read more »

Use These Cold-Calling Tips to Kick Ass on Your Next Sales Call!

When you are about to start a sales call, do you prepare enough to make sure your sales call will kick ass? How much time do you invest in learning the latest cold-calling tips? Ever wonder if cold calling is dead? Entering a sales call not fully prepared is something that happens to the best of… Read more »