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Marketing Management Optimization Tips for Pros

Marketing management, like any other field, can be tweaked to reach an optimal level. Transitioning your different tasks, teams and marketing processes will eventually pay off. Doesn’t matter what structure you follow, let it be a tall hierarchy with a proper chain of command or a flat structure, you need to make your marketing department… Read more »

7 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

Sales is a tough art to master.  Now, what differentiates the ordinary salesperson from an extraordinary one? We analyzed some of the popular sales people of our time and here are the traits that are most common in successful sales guys. Do an exhausting research on the customer. This is the most important trait of a… Read more »

Key Lessons From The 5 Greatest Sales Guys of Our Time

Ray Kroc – This is the guy who took McDonalds from a weak, local joint into a world-domination corporation. He is the quintessential salesman-CEO who defined sales as “the gentle art of letting the customer have it your way”. He helped create the “Roland McDonald” mascot that is now ubiquitous across the world. He understood the changing food needs… Read more »

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Amidst a lot of advertising dollars moving to social media, some marketers are wondering if email marketing is relevant anymore. The fact remains that, email is still the cheapest medium for marketing messages and one of the best ways to reach the non-yuppie crowd. Forrester predicts that email spend will grow 50% in the next… Read more »

Avoiding the Outrageous Mistakes That Can Kill Your Sales

Have you found issues in your sales conversion? Do you feel your sales team is underperforming? Find out how many of these things you do. Not knowing what you sell. The most important thing a salesperson has to do is, learn the product inside-out. They must be quite confident in answering various queries related to the… Read more »