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How should I prioritize my prospects with the new Fileboard Dashboard?

In the New Fileboard Dashboard, learn the best way to prioritize interested prospects. Grab your coffee, crack your knuckles, and get in front of your laptop. Read on and don’t worry, we’ve figured that out for you. Welcome to the new Fileboard Dashboard. Here’s where all your important contacts live, and we’ll give you information… Read more »

How To Set A Consistent Sales Process

The Secret to Multiplying Sales Sales representatives who’ve spent time in the sales trenches know that it’s often feast or famine. But that’s because sales leaders often focus on the wrong things when forming and training a sales team. By creating—and using—a consistent sales process, sales leaders can make sure that they’re enjoying success twelve… Read more »

Do’s and Don’ts for Cold Calling Scripts

Cold calling is one of the most difficult tasks facing any salesperson. With a few tips and examples cold calling scripts, you can learn to excel at cold calling. If we had to boil down to just five tidbits of advice on cold calling, they would be: Don’t intrude ask for a few minutes of… Read more »

8 non-manipulative sales tactics that will blow your mind

Selling is an art, no doubt about it. The best thing about it is that is doesn’t have to be a soft shoe, toe-tapping, verbally acrobatic performance. The true art of salesmanship is all about the customer and creating a relationship with them. That’s why we’ve collected 8 non-manipulative sales tactics that will blow your… Read more »

10 Sales Skills only Successful Sales Reps know

All other factors equal, a salesperson’s race to make quota becomes a test of their sales skills. However, some salespeople seem to be able to acquire more leads and customers and have an uncanny ability to get more done. Even when juggling multiple priorities and clients, they can get everything done. How do they do… Read more »

5 Essential Sales Skills Every Inside Sales Rep Must Master

Kiai! Have you mustered up all of the selling fire power you have inside you? Because to master the inside selling world, you’re sales skills need to be top of the class. But don’t worry if you haven’t mastered them yet. We are here to be your inside sales Sensei. So tighten your Gi and… Read more »

5 Sales Pitch Tricks Research Shows Your Presentation Is Missing

Giving a sales pitch is what we call an art and a science. Although your salacious prose might woo a customer or two, psychology and research dictate the true tricks of the trade. Yes, it’s not as sexy as prancing around prospects’ emotions, but these science-tested sales pitch tricks are sure to get the job done. So,… Read more »

New to Sales Development? Data & Analytics are your new best friends.

Sales development is hot these days. To get with the program, you had better be tech savvy. Sales Devs don’t just find contact info for leads and follow up, full intelligent processes and systems have been developed to complement traditional pipeline management. This field represents a new frontier of study, with competing strategies to get… Read more »