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Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Timing your Approach!

Timing is a crucial factor having an impact on the overall sales performance of a firm. A firm cannot compromise on it. By doing so, it will only lead towards debacle. At every aspect of the modern sales funnel, timing is a key factor. From pitching to closing a deal, timing plays a significant role. Excellent timing can be… Read more »

Sales Funnel: How Healthy is Your Forecast

The concept of Sales Funnel has been used for ages to attract more customers and increase clientele. Even people who aren’t much acquainted with your product are lured towards buying it via sales funneling. It depicts the journey of a customer from first touch to final contact. The first phase of a simple sales funnel… Read more »

5 Post Sales Funnel Tips for Customer Retention

Sales Funnel is the basic and widely used model to understand, improve, accelerate and grow your companies’ clientele base. However, this is never the end of story. Inside sales managers know the fact that it takes quite a lot of time & resources to hunt a lead, nurture it & take them on board. Once… Read more »