Sales Process 101: Will I make my quota with my current leads?

In a successful sales process, meeting your quota depends upon the quality of your lead pipeline. If a sales rep thinks that he or she is born with some sort of a super natural gift that you can close deals without following a proper protocol, this is not going to happen.


Task Prioritization: Do you spend enough time selling?

Improper task prioritization hurts more salespeople than you might realize. According to Cirrus Insights, a majority of salespeople spend less than half of their time selling. In most of the cases, salespeople spend anywhere between 15% to 20% of their time selling. With salespeople responsible for dozens of other tasks besides sales, it usually ends up eating the time they should have spent on selling.
Similarly, according to Alice Heiman LLC, “sales people need to spend more than 39% of their time selling, but other activities pull them away,” Heiman said. “Hopefully, some of that email time is advancing a sale.”
A few of the task and role prioritization issues that tend to take salespeople away from giving enough time to their sales activities.


Calling all Sales Managers: Here’s 3 ways gimmicks can LOSE your team’s motivation and 4 ways to KEEP it!

Sales managers worldwide want to offer their sales team the tools and support they need to succeed, and make the company succeed. What managers sometimes fail to realize is the risk they take on to by relying on gimmicks or halfhearted tools to pep up the team. One idea could seriously put your team at the risk of not making their quarterly figures.


Sales Success Part II: Do you know how to qualify your leads?

Sales Success

Qualifying sales leads is a tricky business! New SDRs sometimes commit huge mistakes by qualifying the wrong leads. Sales pipelines are filled constantly but nothing valuable is generated. We have already discussed a few reasons that can make an SDR qualify the wrong leads. We will discuss the solutions step by step as per their importance.


AA-ISP’s 2017 Leadership Summit: A Fileboard Recap

We had a blast at AA-ISP’s Leadership Summit in Chicago! We had so much fun meeting other AA-ISP members and guests, and we hope you learned as much from our brilliant panel guests and speakers as we did! Thanks again to the event organizers, Jen, Jessica and Cameron for a fast-paced and well organized conference for all! A special thanks to AA-ISP and Microsoft for the attendees experience beautiful downtown Chicago from a cruise on Lake Michigan! We also wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, and we hope you learned something new about the best Sales Development platform you saw in Chicago. Our CEO, Khuram Hussain, shared our vision in the panel on Building Your Technology Stack. If you’re still looking for tools from the conference, read below and check out the slides from the panel!


Sales Success: Are you happy with your current number of (qualified) leads?

Fileboard Sequential Prospecting Email Campaigns

Thriving sales reps are mostly concerned about meeting their sales quotas. However, without following a proper protocol laid out by strategic planners in the company, a sales development rep might go astray and tend to end up considering every prospect a qualified lead. For beginners in this profession, everything feels and looks the same. To make your campaign successful, you need to differentiate between your prospects, your tasks, and the way you qualify leads.
Let’s define a sales qualified lead first. A prospect that has been contacted, researched upon, finds your product to be a good fit and engages with you is the ideal definition of a sales qualified lead. Whatever the way your B2B lead generation program is designed, once a prospect fulfills this criterion, he is ready to be passed to the next phase of trials, a possible sale and onboarding. But things are not that smooth and easy. Sales development reps mostly fail to comply with these quotas. There are four reasons for it.


The Truth About Motivating Salespeople!

Motivational Sales Quotes Aren't Enough - Fileboard

We’ve seen them plastered all over office walls, pasted all over the internet, and repeatedly recited by sales coaches…but motivational sales quotes aren’t enough. Here’s why:


Why Online Sales Meetings Matter


People say there’s no substitute for eye contact and giving a firm handshake, but how do you replace these when prospects don’t want to meet anymore?