Notes From The CEO: Looking Forward To 2017

Notes From The CEO

From The Desk Of Fileboard’s CEO

2016 is coming to a close, and with the new year around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect. We also want to extend a warm welcome to this year’s new customers, we’re excited they’ve joined us in the journey to turn sales teams into trusted advisors.


Use The Right Tools For Inside Sales!

Use The Right Tools For Inside Sales

If you’re selling, then you’re using software to help sell. If you aren’t, we have some stuff that will blow your mind. Let’s go back to the basics: Powerpoint is a tool. Email is a tool. With a combination of these you can start selling, but the next step is what makes you go pro. Salesforce didn’t go from 3 programmers in an apartment to the S&P 500 with these two tools. Its up to your company (and ultimately your SDRs) to determine what tools you need to maximize sales.


Join us for a cup of coffee at Inside Sales World Dublin!

Sales development

Today is the start of the European Inside Sales World Conference in Dublin, Ireland. We’d encourage all our European readers to catch the next flight over to the Irish capitol for the leading conference for all Inside Sales teams! To sweeten the deal, stop by the Fileboard booth for a cup of gourmet European coffee, and pick the brains of our sales experts on the latest in Inside Sales, Account Based Sales, and the future of sales software.


4 Tips for closing deals in Q4


Fall weather is in the air and the final quarter is here. Time to crack down and finish those deals you have set up to close before the new year and new quarter. We’ve compiled 4 tips for Q4 to finish strong and top your sales before the new year.


How should I prioritize my prospects with the new Fileboard Dashboard?

In the New Fileboard Dashboard, learn the best way to prioritize interested prospects. Grab your coffee, crack your knuckles, and get in front of your laptop. Read on and don’t worry, we’ve figured that out for you.

Welcome to the new Fileboard Dashboard. Here’s where all your important contacts live, and we’ll give you information about which Fileboard tool to use to get them further down the sales pipeline.
First up is your daily tasks: see what’s up next and who you’ll be selling to. Simply click on the name to view all the engagement information relating to that prospect, and see some different options about how to reach out to them.


How Do I Find Decision Makers?

Begin With Cold Calling – Find Decision Makers!

Using an Account based view makes you find decision makers in an easier way. In Fileboard, you can quickly run through an entire company, and call or email with the click of a button. This keeps you on track, so you’ll never lose your progress in an account.